There’s something unique and special about when someone has a story they want to share with you. To make themselves vulnerable and lay it all out there so that you, the reader, can learn something from it. It’s a selfless act really! As the honored reader, I got lost in Mojoko’s personal journey about her son’s diagnosis with autism, her family and their experience/background, as well as where they are today. Her story has the power to bring a great sense of community and comfort to someone going through a similar experience, and even to someone who is not. While everyone’s experience is different, Mojoko finds a way for you to connect with her on some level. I highly recommend reading her story!

Catherine Witanowski, MA, MCBA, LBA

M.J. Wotany leads us all to one truth – That we are not meant to handle our battles alone. There is always help and we only need to ask but who do we ask? She spells it all out.
Beyond all the phases in suffering is God with whom all things are possible. He is truly amongst us and within ear reach of all we say.
This book gives you hope….not just for autism, but for all times. Kudos to the author!

Adeline Ainooson

“As a therapist who works with children with Autism, I only get to see a small part of a family’s journey; reading this book gave me an honest and intimate window into the struggles and triumphs parents raising a child with Autism face. Mojoko’s words beautifully capture the many different facets of life that are impacted by Autism and the faith that often helps family’s persevere. It really is an inspiring and beautifully told story.

Fatima Salem, M.S., C.C.C-SLP

Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Kennedy Krieger Institute

“I sincerely appreciate Mojoko’s transparency about her trials and tribulations as a mother of an autistic child. Her dedication and determination to find available resources for her child are beacons of light for other parents who face this diagnosis”

Elena Siri

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A personal testimony of discovery, challenge and growth on multiple levels by the mother of Jayson. Powerful and encouraging for any who work or live with children on the autism spectrum and their parents”

Rev. Deborah McEachran

Pastor of Hunting Ridge Presbyterian Church