Hello SEG Center family!  Hope everyone is doing well and still hanging in there.  With schools still out, I hope every PARENT is taking time for themselves to rest and put their feet up!  Though I always give this advice, I wish I could follow it.  I am just happy and thankful to report that everyone is doing well and we ended the school year on a good note.  It was nice for both of my kiddos to see their friends online and say goodbye but more importantly, it was great for them to see their teachers when they went to the school to pick up their items from their lockers.  Though social distancing was enforced, there are some teachers we had to break protocol because they made such an impact on my children’s success in and out of the classroom.

For the summer


As I mentioned in a previous blog, Jayson will be attending ESY (extended school year) online and I am so grateful to find out that it will be with someone Jayson is familiar with, one of my other favorite special education teachers.  I requested her because as we already know, consistency and familiar faces are very important to our kids.  The way this teacher teaches is very similar to Jayson’s preferred way of learning.  Besides studying hard, we can’t forget to enjoy ourselves)!  We finally got a pool and oh my goodness Jayson can’t get enough of it.  He gets up thinking about it, he eats thinking about it, he goes to bed thinking about it.  He absolutely loves the water!

Additional information


My OMG jar!  So guys I mentioned this probiotic on a facebook post after another mom shared being that it helped her kiddo.  So I decided to try it, primarily to see if it would help Jayson with constipation.  Since our kids don’t eat all the nutrients they need daily, I decided to try it.  So Jayson has been on this for a little over 2 months now and I must say this product is awesome!  For two months now I haven’t given Jayson miralax and I literally don’t know what to do with myself.  I thanked Marty the founder and the organization asked me for additional pictures (which I still need to do).  But seriously guys this stuff is amazing. My experience with the probiotic has prompted me to order another product in their line called the Simple Spectrum Nutritional Support System. Look out for my honest review in the coming monthly blogs.


birthday with the kids

My birthday was on the 16th and I was so happy and blessed to share that day with my two best friends from the Lord!  We had breakfast together in the morning, then a fun-filled day outside in the trampoline, pool and swing-set.  We later had lunch and then topped it off with Rita’s Ice!  It was the best 21st (lol) birthday a girl could ask for and I praise and thank God for it.


Moving and looking forward!


As we enter July, I pray all goes well for you and your family and you all continue to be safe.  I pray during this 7th month of rest and grace that you all will indeed rest and receive more grace from the Lord!  Stay tuned as we introduce more resources and topics as we prepare to enter the 2020-2021 school year.

Stay blessed brethrens!

Your friend in Christ,