Hello guys!! I hope everyone is still doing well. For everyone who may have lost someone during this pandemic, my heart and prayers goes out to you. For those who know someone fighting for their life in the hospital right now, I call for our ultimate healer Jehovah Rapha to do what only HE can do. For those who are still grieving through the loss of a friend, family member, co-worker etc may our Comforter the Holy Spirit be with us during these trying times. Most importantly, I pray that since each of us have been impacted through this pandemic in one way or another either through a loss of job, health crisis, change in home environment, etc we must lean on each other for support as we try and adapt to this new normal. I continue to pray for grace and more grace for each of us and may all us be rest assured that our God will never change and His faithful promises endure forever!

Updates from the home end!

Things at home have improved because I have taken some time to work on myself. I recently shared on Jayson’s Autism Crew (a support network for autism families) a link from a lady who basically opened up my thinking about this whole “home-schooling” thing and why this “stressor” was giving me high blood pressure. As you may or may not know about me, I always want to be in control of things only because our kiddos need structure, consistency and unfortunately this is something we haven’t seen, yet alone them since the beginning of this pandemic. I have tried to create some sense of “normalcy” but I have to be honest and say I was losing my mind. I couldn’t be a parent, a mom (and yes there is a difference between the two), a teacher, an advocate, a coach, a tutor, an activity
planner, an activity performer, an activity cleaner etc….should I go on? It became too much. So when
I saw this video, it changed my thinking and I tell you, I am now more “human” than ever before. Please watch it! This woman needs an award!

My friends, I encourage you, especially parents with children on the spectrum, to take this whole experience and change one day, one minute and even and second at a time. There is nothing we can do about this time and though we wish it could be different, there is really nothing we can do about it. I still encourage you to fight for your kiddo as much as you can. For Jayson, he now has his general education online Tuesdays and Thursdays for 30 minutes and his special education teacher 3 days a week for 15 mins. We found that the 15 minute special education sessions were more productive than the initial 30 min sessions. Also, I was told in our last IEP meeting that the extend school year will be held online. So the school is trying to explain to me that a class size that is
typically not more than 10-15 students will not be able to hold live sessions? Are you kidding me? I did not and could not take this lying down so I called the special education department at the school board, the superintendent and the head of the superintendent’s office. Parents we have to rally together and speak up about the impact these online sessions are having on our kids in order for there to be change. I encourage you all to also SPEAK UP!!

Activities at home

covid 19 home games

Jayson's journey

Though we are doing almost every activity under the sun; you see at the very top Jayson playing his guitar (trying to sing while playing-I love it), cup stacking-the best part was him kicking all of them down, we continue to spend as much time as we can outside. Afterall vitamin D is always great! I had so much to share on this month’s blog so I will leave the rest for June’s life of an autism mom blog.

Additional support and resources


Continue to be encouraged my friends, all whose minds and hearts are stayed on the Lord!

Remain blessed brethren!
Your friend in Christ