Hello family! Welcome back to SEG Center. Happy belated Thanksgiving!!! I am so grateful that you would take time out of your busy schedule to visit our site. If this is your first time with us, welcome. We are here as believers in our Lord and Savior JESUS Christ to encourage each other as we maneuver through this complex and ever changing journey of autism. We exist to educate, encourage, provide a platform for families with children with autism to network, and to be the bridge between families and healthcare providers. Please take advantage of the educational resources found on our website to help you along your journey.

Something different this month…time for a revival!

Autism mom

In this month’s life of an autism mom I want to do something a little different. I usually give an update on the kids, let you know what I’m up to, but I feel in my spirit that someone out there needs a word of encouragement and a little shift in OUR (that includes me) perspective. First let me explain. I recently watched an episode of the Same Room featuring the host Stephanie Ike and her guest Adrienne Houghton and Angelica Nwandu. The title of the episode was saved and depressed. The premise of the episode was the idea that as Christians we throw what I like to call “christianize” to situations as our means of coping yet we are dying inside. The body of Christ has made a requirement that although you may be going through the storm you can’t show it, you can’t express it, and you better not talk about it in any way that implies your faith is weak or that you are not “Holy Ghost” filled and on “fire” for God. This got me thinking. How many of us are dying in silence. In September 2019, Pastor Jarrid Wilson, associate Pastor of a California mega church, Harvest Christian Fellowship, committed suicide. Him and his wife were the founders of Anthem of Hope, an organization that helped people dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts. This was a pastor, a man of God who battled with depression and tried to help others that were battling that same dark, empty, pit of hell called depression. He believed in Jesus, he loved Jesus but just because you believe and love doesn’t automatically cure depression.

As autism moms, dads, extended family or caregivers we go through a lot of ups and downs. Some of us suffer with clinical depression whether diagnosed or undiagnosed. Some of us deal with situational depression where one or multiple events happen that send us into this deep dark hole. I am here as someone who has been there and still goes there from time to time but I am here to tell you it is ok. Just because we are believers, it doesn’t mean we are not allowed to acknowledge the pain, hurt, sadness we feel or that we are even exempt. It doesn’t make you even less of a believer. It makes us honest, vulnerable and more dependent on Christ. Tell God how you really feel. How painful it is to see your child suffer. How sad you feel when you think of him or her in the future. How angry you are when your spouse doesn’t understand or pulls away. How pissed you are at the teachers or the doctors or the ABA providers or the stupid insurance company or that fool at the grocery story that said something ignorant or that parent who tells their child to stay away from your kid or that church sister that won’t allow your child to participate in Sunday school because they dont want to deal with them or how this pandemic feels like it’s never going to end or those who have lost a loved one from covid or lost a job or the unemployment checks stopped coming in or WHATEVER the situation may be. HE wants to hear it. Our Heavenly Father wants to know your deepest darkest thoughts as raw as they are. Those feelings you are too afraid to share because you think someone will judge you. But don’t stop there, speak to someone you trust. . Do not live in silence. We are a BODY of Christ. We need each other. We have to start being available to each other and allow ourselves to be vulnerable without judgement, opinion, or imposing what you believe is the solution. Let people feel. I pray this blesses somebody today.

Love you all. Happy holidays. Stay safe as always.

Your sister in Christ,